Welcome little ones to Palmetto Presbyterian Church!  We are excited to have you be part of our Nursery program while your family is worshiping in the Sanctuary.  Palmetto members volunteer among trained staff persons to care, encourage, and enrich the faith development of children from infant-three years of age.  Children are welcomed at the door by our staff or volunteer as a family member signs them in with a contact number (please put your phones on vibrate) and any special instructions.  During the nursery time games are played, music may be sung and an age appropriate lesson provided.

Our littlest friends are encouraged to bring a bag with a change of clothes, pre-made bottle, and any other accessories for the hour.  Please have everything labeled clearly for our staff and volunteers.


Our potty training friends are in a room with access to the ladies restroom where staff will assist as needed.  This group of friends has been known to clap for one another when the potty has been used.

All staff, volunteers, and children are requested to follow the 24 hour rule (no fever, diarrhea, vomiting) before coming into the nursery as they would with school.  If your child isn't feeling well, don't hesitate to call the church so we may lift up a prayer for them.