Welcome to "The Table"

Join Terri and Ralph Wetherell, as we begin a 10 week study using Nicky Gumbel's "The Heart of Revival" 

What is revival? How should we pray for it? In this ten week Bible study on Isaiah 40-66, Nicky Gumbel answers key questions about current movements of God, and looks at how God uses ordinary men and women for extraordinary acts. 

We invite you to be part of this special class, What would a revival in your life look like, what would it look like in our Church, In our neighborhoods. How does it all start?

Plan to join us Sunday's at 9:00 in the Sanctuary.  All are invited!



In our busy lives as parents, spouses, siblings, friends, coaches, etc. we forget to be still and listen to God's Word. This class studies the scriptures, helps each other understand our interpretations of the Word, reaches out to others who want to know God closer and help each other wherever we are in our Faith Journey. We continue to explore how to take the time to be still and know He is God. What does that mean and how do we find the time with the hectic lives we lead? 

Please join us as we do an in-depth study on Sermon on the Mount by John Stott. We have heard the story of this special collection and sayings of Jesus, but do we really understand them? What does it mean to "seek first the kingdom of God" in our relationships, values, ambitions, finances and commitments? Jesus' answer to these questions amazed those who first heard the Sermon on the Mount. In this study guide, you'll dig deep into his startling and challenging message—the greatest sermon ever preached.

If you want to know more, come to our class on Sunday mornings or contact Lori Russ at .



Preacher Mike will be teaching a class for newer members, teachers who are rotating teaching schedules, and for folks who just want to know more about our “Reformed Tradition.” Each class is on a single topic, so you can “pop in and out” when your schedule allows. There is no preparation, and I will be giving handouts and other resources each week.


Being Presbyterian” Weekly Topics:

—Three Forms of Church Government

        Overview of Study

—Being Presbyterian in the Bible Belt

—Are You Saved, or Are You a Presbyterian?

—The Bible:  What We Believe

—Heaven and Hell . . . “Which Way Are Ya Headin’?”

—The “P” Word:  What We Believe About “Election”

—Do Presbyterians Have Spirit or Do We Just Drink Them?

       Why We Are Called “The Frozen Chosen”

—Words You Need to Know if you Can’t Spell


—Revelation:  How Can We Know God?

—What Is a Congregation?



—The Church Calendar